Foot massage in Pattaya

Massages in Thailand are almost common in everywhere. People have got enough excellence in this work. Almost all the massage parlors are run by trained and skilled hand in Pattaya. Pattaya can be called as heaven for the tourists regarding this matter. You can enjoy different massages in a single parlor. After a strenuous schedule in Pattaya you must be looking for some stress relieve option and what can be the best except massage parlors. An extensive oil massage will leave you fresh with rejuvenated muscles. A traditional Thai massage starts action in hundred different areas in a body. It takes almost two hours. Sometimes the process is rigorous but you can feel relaxed after such a massage therapy.

Foot massages are very relaxing at times. After a long walk or bus journey in Pattaya your feet will surely need some rest. Just visit a massage parlor and pamper yourself. Foot massage is a serious attempt that inherits from several generations to relax your body. You can take the pleasure also in Pattaya beaches. In various parlors at Soi Buakao on Tuesdays and Fridays foot massages are available. Ten energy points in our body usually get prominence in Thai Massage. These points are called as ‘sen’. In some massages the masseuses transfer their energy to the body. They say a prayer before starting the massage in order to centre their own energy to your body.

Foot massage also includes some yoga postures. Different muscles involved in the process. Twisting and bending of the torso is a common feature. The most muscular portions are given most attention. The massage is sometimes painful if your muscles are tensed up. You can opt for softer or harder massage. A perfect masseuse uses her hands as tools. Exact pressure can be applied by the thumb and fingers. The knees are generally avoided while involved in Thai Massage. If you have back pain, spondelisis or any such chronic disease you are advised to go to a professional spa. There the masseuse first discuss if there is any existing problem and how should be the massage. Do not go to a massage parlor if your stomach is full or you are pregnant.


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